BTN are calling on all the young creative dudes out there to stay positive and get involved.
Your mission should you choose to accept it…


Write and record a song, instrumental, short story or poem entitled ‘Stay at Home’ drawing inspiration from your current experiences during this period of lock down.

Our initial aim is to gather in your works over the next few weeks and release them on BTN’s ‘Play At Home’ playlist. Depending on the response we receive we may look at selecting a number of them to professionally re-record and release on an album later this year. We will also aim towards some form of live event to showcase your work and, as with all previous BTN projects, you will retain all of your own copyright. Only work with recording equipment you currently have available and if you want to collaborate, only do so online. DO NOT meet up with others in the flesh!!!

We are living through the largest change to society in a generation. Everyone is affected in various ways from health to social isolation. We’re having to cut back on many of the things we love and have taken for granted for so long. For many, our freedom ranks highly on this list as being unable to meet with friends, family and participate in social gatherings can be hard to take for us humanoids. This time will pass and will hopefully help bind our society closer together and make us all appreciate how privileged we really are. History will look back on this time for years to come so let’s get zeitgeist on it. (Look it up)

  • How do you feel?
  • What are your hopes and fears?
  • Who and what is missing from your daily life?
  • What does this time sound like to you?


Please share this page with every other young artist you know. You don’t need to have taken part in Behind The Noise to contribute. Just email your finished work to or use this address to simply get in touch with any questions.
NOTE – If your file size is too large to attach to an email (6mb+) then please send FREE via to the same email address.

Peace and love to all and MASSIVE RESPECT to the frontline workers from every sector who are working extremely hard to look after us all.
Stay safe and stay cool always!
Team BTN


A few project highlights below.

Gig At The Grand Highlights:

Beyond The Noise – A Youth Tribute to David Bowie:


We’ll leave you with a few links to some of the excellent young bands and artists who have taken part in BTN and are now out there doing it for themselves.