Q.1 When will the project run?

BTN usually starts in September or October and runs through to the end of April. You will be notified of the full timetable once we complete registration for the coming year.


Q.2 Is the course accredited?

Yes, BTN is SQA accredited. All participants will have the opportunity to achieve an SCQF Level 5 Award for their work throughout the project. The accreditation is validated in conjunction with Glasgow Kelvin College. In 2017/18 BTN participants received a total of 135 SQA Level 5 Creative Project and Live Performance Awards.


Q.3 Who will be working with my pupils and are they registered with Disclosure Scotland?

All BTN team members are experienced professionals who have and continue to work within the creative industries. The rpoject has been running since 2011 and we have engaged with over 1,000 young people. In addition to our core team participants will meet with some of our volunteer staff from Ticketmaster, DF Concerts and lecturers from various Universities and Colleges however our core team are always on hand at all BTN events. Our team are all registered with Disclosure Scotland’s PVG Scheme and all necessary risk assessments and insurances are in place. You can find out more about our core team HERE


Q.4 IS BTN a ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition?

Absolutely not. We understand that participants are all starting at different levels, it’s about the progression of individuals and groups throughout the project. Participants support for each other is heavily encouraged by out team. We believe this is evident from the support shown to all at events and the overall atmosphere created by these young people.


Q.5 How long does the project last?

BTN will engage with each group for around 40 hours throughout the course of the project (7 months). Most activities are split into 2 hour sessions on a bi-weekly basis and usually take place at weekends and/or holidays.


Q.6 Are my pupils required to be absent from school at any point?

At the end of year showcase we request all participants arrive for 2pm for soundchecks, ticket settlement and to take a short survey. The only other point may be if it is not possible to find a weekend slot for their recording session. These can be up to 7 hours long so during the week we again try to start for 2pm. We will always provide plenty of notice and are happy to provide consent forms if preferred by the school. BTN understand that it is the school’s decision whether or not permission is granted.


Q.7 What will my level of involvement be during the project?

It is completely up to you. Other than your much appreciated help with recruitment there is no action required by you. Some teachers want to get more involved which can be great for the development of the group, sometimes that extra help can make all the difference. You are also very welcome to attend any activity at any time. We’re always happy to see you and to hear what you think of the project, Once pupils are registered they will receive automated texts and social media alerts as to all dates, times and locations of all activities. If you would also like to receive these alerts please drop us an email with a mobile number and we will add you to the mailer service.


Q.8 Why are BTN not solely recruiting from the music department?

We are aware that there are many young people who may not have taken music at school but who may be making music independently outwith school and could greatly benefit from taking part. Additionally throughout the project there are many non-music centred activities such as poster design, video editing, managing social media, photography, promotion and event management and as much as our limited time with each group prevents us from into too much detail by ‘lifting the lid’ on these roles a participant may find a new area of interest or potential career path that they were previously not aware of.


Please CONTACT US with any other questions you may have. This will enable us to update the list and provide more information in future. Thanks!