Below is some very useful information about how to prepare for your gig.


Preparing For Your Gig.pdf
This guide covers most of the basics including;
Dealing With The Venue – Preparing Your Gear – Tips On Rehearsing – Set lists – Spec Sheets Explained – Soundchecking – Performance.

Spec Sheet Template.doc
This is a blank spec sheet template that you can fill in to suit your own band’s requirements. An example spec is contained in the first download ‘Preparing For Your Gig.pdf’.

This is an example of a basic lighting list that you can edit to suit. If the venue has a lighting engineer this will help them to create the mood you are looking to achieve. A lighting spec also makes the engineer feel more involved and should help him or her to get a better result for you.



Useful links



DRUMS – How to tune your kit:



ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGING – Re-stringing a Gibson style guitar:

Re-stringing a Fender style guitar:

Re-stringing an acoustic guitar:

Click here for information and video about Action and Intonation on an electric guitar



BASS – Re-stringing a bass guitar:

Adjusting intonation on a bass guitar:



TUNERS – The Boss TU-3 tuner (AKA your best friend):