Here is a list of each bands Facebook Page on the 2015 – 2016 Behind The Noise course.

Each link opens in a new tab, so ‘click to open then click to LIKE’ – 44 clicks required !! This will allow everyone to share news feeds between bands and grow each bands following.

Remember you can always unlike later so give it a go !

Stay in touch with Behind The Noise after the course ends by liking the official BTN Facebook Page.


Grp School Bandname URL
A Hyndland Parke
A Bannerman Nameless Faces
A Eastbank The Lilac Revival
A Govan The Nostalgics
A Kings Park Remnants
A Rosshall Imprint
B Cleveden Lacuna
B St Thomas Arizona
B Hillhead Mum Smack
B John Paul Sonic Young Team
B Lourdes Innuendo
B Holyrood The Nuisance
C Park Mains 1 The YooHoos
C Fresh Creations Silver Lining
C Park Mains 2 The Lampies
C Johnstone High Spork
C Paisley Grammar The View From Here
D Gryffe 1 Phyllis King
D Trinity No Contact
D Renfrew High Trip Switch
D Gleniffer Electric Blue
D Gryffe 2 Viridian
D St Oswald’s New Kicks